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S Y Z Y G Y X - "Fading Bodies" - Compact Disc

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Compact Disc in 6-panel Digipack incl. Download Code

NOTE: This item is not available for customers from the U.S. and Canada! Please visit their Bandcamp https://syzygy-x.bandcamp.com/album/fading-bodies

“Fading Bodies” is born from the existence of our human bodies. From „Birth (Intro)“ being the Universal sound of the creation of the human body and soul, to the „Fury (Outro)“ of the end of our current bodies, in the current timeline and dimension. Everything in between, is that: all things in between. We’ve kept the lyrics minimal, as we believe in the beauty of sound and the power of it to make you feel. We want you to feel, we want you to dance, we want to make it your own, in your own body and soul. Give it the meaning your being desires. While our bodies fade.

About SYZYGYX: Luna Blanc and Josh Clark have always had a passion for art/creating. Josh has an extensive background in electronic music and Audio Engineering, formerly known as DJ Impulse, he used to make music with Sinthetix/Corrupt Souls in the Drum N Bass genre. Luna has always experimented with keyboards from a young age, but pursued photography, writing and film in College. Once Luna and Josh met it became obvious after just a few months that they would be making music together.
To keep it interesting, they're always taking turns on everything in their sound: vocals, arps, riffs, bass, drums, pads, the production/engineering of the different aspects of their sound. There is nothing in the process of making music that one does more than the other. Every single aspect from their work, from making sound from scratch to EQ’ing and engineering the sound is made by either Luna or Josh equally. They work from their home studio in the Washington D.C. metro area, and continue to evolve within their sound.

01. Birth (Intro)
02. Hold Tight
03. Immerse in Doom
04. Die Like a Rockstar
05. Fragile, Handle with Care
06. Planet X
07. Ultra Doll
08. Lost in Paradise
09. Last Night
10. Dangerous Creature
11. Endless Daggers
12. Times Are Hard for Dreamers
13. Play with Fire
14. Pins and Needles
15. Fury (Outro)

Pre-listen on Bandcamp: https://syzygy-x.bandcamp.com/album/fading-bodies